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I left my corporate job years ago to start my real estate career and initially signed on with a large well-known brokerage. From day-one, I felt like I was back in a corporate environment and it didn’t feel right. So I started searching around for a better fit and that’s when I decided to try working for a small independent brokerage. It was the best decision of my career.

Independent brokerages, like Cooper Realty, are hyper-local real estate agencies formed by brokers who wanted to break away from traditional large agencies and go at it on their own. I’ve always been someone who puts their money where their mouth is so deciding to be a part of a local company was a no-brainer.

Most independent brokerages focus on quality over quantity and that’s reflected in the rave reviews we get from our clients and our client referrals. We can more easily adapt to local environments and quickly make changes to our business without the bureaucratic red tape you find in large agencies. We tend to support local companies when practicing business and donate time and efforts to help local communities.

I believe that indie brokerages also look to bring on agents who align with their overall mission and vision in order to protect the brand that they’ve worked so hard to form. Their managing brokers tend to spend more time mentoring and guiding their agents - providing them with a wealth of market and industry knowledge.

This all translates into consumers getting a dedicated agent who is well-informed of local market trends and is fully committed to helping them achieve their desired goals. Further, when you choose an agent at Cooper Realty, you’re not just hiring a knowledgeable professional - you are also supporting local industry!

Written by: Joshua Coates, Realtor

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